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Ribbon Campaigns So Many to Choose From!
"The most comprehensive ribbon list on the 'Net"
I have posted ribbons relating to the tragedy of September 11, 2001. Please see below.

The Internet is full of ribbon campaigns, some very serious, some very funny, and some very weird. Here you'll find a comprehensive Internet ribbon campaign list. If you know of a ribbon campaign not listed here, please email me so I can add it. This page is a bit slow loading because of the graphics...but not to worry! I also have a TEXT ONLY VERSION for those with slow connections! And, since ribbon campaigns sometimes disappear, I also have an Orphaned Ribbon Page for ribbons who no longer have a home.
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Last modified 09/21/2001
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MS Magazine, Oct/Nov 1999 Issue
Poor Richard's Internet Marketing and Promotions - page 168 and 169
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(Some ribbons are linked to web pages, some are not.)

I am getting a lot of requests from people, asking where they can purchase Sept 11, 2001 memorial/unity ribbons. If anyone has any information, please e-mail me.

Until more information is available on where to obtain ribbons and the like, I think we should take the following advice, submitted by my friend Cindy:
"Please tell Americans and friends from other countries who are supporting us, go their local fabric stores, and purchase the materials to make up their own red/white/blue support ribbons, arm bands, wrist bracelets, necklaces, etc. Use creativity and imagination and this awful situation to inspire your own personal creativity. This solution is inexpensive and you don't have to wait for the ribbons and other show-your-items to be delivered to you. America, do it today! Show your support now."
New 09/21/01
So how do you go about making your own ribbon? Easy - follow the detailed instructions on this web site!

The web site The Unity Ribbon now has ribbon decals available!

Stop Terrorism

Submitted from someone at Southern Oregon University:
"The purple ribbon campaign began at Southern Oregon University, and we are hoping simply to share our message so that anyone who so desires can join us in our efforts."
Wear a Purple Ribbon
As we watch our nation mobilize to meet the threats we have witnessed, we look for a way to respond as individuals, as a community, and as a country. The Purple Heart is awarded to those brave soldiers who are wounded in battle as a symbol of their valor and merit. This same courage will be necessary to see our nation through this time of crisis.
Today we ask you to join us in wearing a purple ribbon to show support for the many families who have lost a loved one and for our country as we face an uncertain future.
Gray Ribbon Campaign unites Americans
The following information was e-mailed to me,
and I quickly created a symbolic gray ribbon.


Someone else sent me a variation
of the gray ribbon (seen below)
September 12, 2001 1:32 PM As the dust settles in New York and Washington, D.C., Americans begin to rebuild.

Those who can't be there in person to directly join the efforts are eager to show their support in other ways. Some are donating blood, others food. Two Houston-area residents have come up with their own way to show support and solidarity in the face of such horrific terrorist acts. The images of the planes crashing into the World Trade Center prompted Laura Reynolds and David Galloway to come up with the Gray Ribbon Campaign. To them, gray represented the color of the ashes and the dust that cover Manhattan after the destruction of the World Trade Center. The ribbon symbolizes the thousands who lost their lives. It also represents the determination of the American people to rise out of the ashes to build again, stronger than ever, according to Reynolds and Galloway. "Granted, it's a small thing," they say. "But it's a clear symbol that America will not be defeated." The history of the symbolic use of ribbons dates back a long time: In Europe, people in mourning have often worn black ribbons around their arms. The red ribbon became the symbol for AIDS, the pink ribbon for breast cancer, while yellow ribbons have historically been used to raise awareness for POW/MIAs, hostages and human rights and equality movements. The ribbons usually are worn to show that a person belongs to a group or believes in a cause. They can represent group or individual activism, said Frederick Brown, associate professor of psychology at Penn State, in an interview with the school paper, The Digital Collegian. Brown said the ribbons may be the modern equivalent of such symbolic items as talismans, medallions or strips of leather worn by people of old to signify something about themselves. "There is a deeper meaning to a trivial piece of colored paper," Brown said. The ribbon is a form of communication and is intended to spark conversation, Brown said.

Ribbon of Promise Remember The Innocent
Columbine High School
April 20, 1999 ~ Remember

Pancreatic cancer research
Pins also available
Metallic Gold Ribbon
Metallic Gold ribbon
Childhood Cancer awareness
Ribbon pin created
by Sonoma Pins
Youth Mentoring International Foundation
Pins also available

Prolife Alzheimers

No Child Porn BrownRibbon - Anti Politically Correct Blue RibbonCampaign for Free Speech

Anarchist Black Ribbon Campaign Support Paula Jones Lavender Ribbon Campaign Mother Teresa In memory of the Princess of Wales

Breast Cancer Awareness
Victims of Church Bombings
Victims of Church Bombings
Gray/Silver Ribbon - help fight Diabetes
Gray/Silver Ribbon - help fight Diabetes
Promote Behcet's Disease Awareness

Responsible Internet Journalism
Remembering those in TWA flight 800 in July, 1996
Orange Ribbon for families with loved ones in prison
Orange Ribbon for families with loved ones in prison

Multiple Myeloma Artists Against Racism


I am a prolife Feminist Justice for Christopher Fight Ovarian Cancer

Stop Animal Abuse Chemical Injury Awareness Van Halen 1977 Warners Demo Awareness Stop the Leeching

Colorectal Cancer Awareness Support Spay and Neuter Open ICANN Board Meetings

Free Terri Martin Responsibility in Free Speech
Green Ribbon - Responsibility in free speech
The White Ribbon Campaign forResponsibility in Free Speech
Speak Freely, Act Responsibly
Stop PartialBirth Abortions
Stop partial-birth abortions

MADD Leukemia Awareness YellowRibbon for POWs, MIAs
Yellow Ribbon for POW MIAs
Titanic Remember Matthew Shepard

Organ Donors Save lives

Against Clinic Violence Support Capitalism Protect the Flag

Ribbon Awareness

Web Site Individuality Banthe Stupid! Avacado Ribbon Campaign
Butt Ugly

Multi-colored ribbon against ribbons campaigns Florescent Clear Ribbon

AsianAmerican Studies PackardBell is Evil

Black Ribbon mouning for the death of America's freedom Light for Life Foundation Free Beer Online Support Novacs Ribbons

Free Internet Market Green Ribbon Chombos Chocolate Ribbon Campaign Ban Under Construction Signs

Veto 4 Fathers Fight the Fear

No Diet Day Awareness for EI/MCS! Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Free Les Whaley

Protest everything!
Protest Everything ribbon
No Phantom Movie Carnival worker's rights

For people In Scotland With AIDS No Blink Tag Stop Truck Driver Abuse Melanoma Awareness

Support Christian Rock Rage Against Chain Letters Stop calling bulk email spam Pagan Girls

IBDs Awareness UFO Ribbon Campaign (UFO free speech) Break Chain Letters

Free us from Microsoft! Microsoft

No Decaf Coffee! Teens Against Smoking Safety and well-being of children Lung Cancer Awareness

Kesri Ribbon Project No Circumcision Liberty Round Table Green Ribbon Racial Tolerance and Cultural Diversity Ribbon

Scotland Against Nuclear Dumping

Yellow Ribbon No Taxes on the web Dublane Tartan Ribbon Ban Mczee

Support Breastfeeding Mothers

Give me back my homeland Remembering Jon Larson

White Ribbon
Men working to end violence
against women
Release Irish Political Prisoners

Prostate Cancer
Prostate Cancer Awareness
End Horse Slaughter
IGHA "HorseAid Purple Ribbon Campaign"< /FONT>

Allow Star Trek fan pages

Stop censorship inSingapore
Stop censorship in Singapore

Yellow Ribbon For citizens who were imprisoned in Iraq
We are NOT nerds! The Lime Ribbon
Cancer Awareness
Cancer Awareness
AIDS Awareness
AIDS Awareness
Anti-Red Ribbon
Anti-Red Ribbon

Create your own ribbon with Ribbon-0-Matic!
Create your own ribbon with Ribbon-0-Matic!
Be Niceto Newbies

Adopt a Greyhound

Cow Appreciation

Rainbow Ribbon to help Peacelink

Another view on censorship!

Green Ribbon - Help Find Missing Children

Free Harry Wu Yellow Ribbon
Yellow Ribbon - Free Henry Wu
Support the Color Green

Black Ribbon - Suppressing Hippie-Dom Worldwide
The Puke Green Ribbon - ending pointless and moronic stuff on the web

Join the PUCE! Ribbon Campaign to fight internet piracy!
PurpleRibbon for Draconic Equality
Purple Ribbon for Draconic Equality

Quake Community Green Ribbon Campaign
Quake Community
Green Ribbon

Glittery Ribbon Yahoo Sucks
Is Yahoo not listing your web page?!
Join the Yahoo sucks campaign

Affordable Internet Access In New Zealand

Stop Hating Leo Crimson Ribon for Unity in Diversity
Plaid Ribbon - Page Designers
for Environmental Preservation

Addicted to Genealogy Orange Ribbon Fight the Fingerprint!
Orange Ribbon
Fight the Fingerprint!

Polk Dot Ribbon for
proper use of language on the Internet

The Anti-Color Campaign

Chrome Ribbon - keep idiots off the Net

The Bluemchen Addict OrangeRibbon
The Bluemchen Addict Orange Ribbon
(Bluemchen(=Blossom) - german dance music star)


Canada - support legal firearms
Support Orangeism
Support for the Loyalist people of Ulster

Rocko Ribbon Campaign

Help Preserve Homepages on OPEN.ORG

Leukemia - Help save Alana
The purple ribbon - Help stop violence
The purple ribbon - Help stop violence

Invisible Ribbon Campaign

Polyamory Awareness

Banana Eagle Awareness
(Site is mostly in Finnish)

Green Ribbon for
Latin American Unity

Aqua Ribbon in support of
social movements for Freedom

Still want more?! Here are more humorous ribbons!

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