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Live Office Cam!
01/20/11: Camera Status: Camera is dead. Probably won't be getting another one since I don't think my husband wants a live web cam in the house... and I really don't either! :-) So enjoy the pictures from the good ol' web cam days.

08/12/04: Camera Status: OFF until I get a static IP... AND... a new power supply for the camera (the adaptor died) or just a new dang camera.

01/14/04: Ok, office cam WAS back, but my IP address now keeps changing on my cable connection so I can't get the cam on-line right now. (argh!)

I updated the still cam images a few months ago. The office, however, is now my home office, where my camera is kept company by my two PCs, two printers and scanner. Previously, the cam was set up in my office at InterStat, Inc. (which is now the office for IValue Internet, Inc. which hosts this web site.) The still camera shots have just been updated, but the older ones are from a while back, when I worked in the InterStat office. (I now work during the day at The Rankokus Indian Reservation, and do my web design work from home.) Also, the image refresh rate may not be that great. Before, I was hooked into a T-1 line. Now, I am on Comcast cable, which means my upload rate is only 256kps. I may start a cam fund so I can upgrade to Comcast pro cable, which has a better upload speed AND a atatic IP (I have not forgotten those who actually did send me something for a cam fund)

This camera... it doesn't have a real spot yet, since I just set it up! It may be pointed at me, or, it may not be. Or, it may be pointed at me part of the time, and then somewhere else later on. You'll just have to stop by and check ;-) This is my HOME office cam, which means that during work hours most of the time, I won't be where the camera is. Now, even though this is a HOME office cam, I will still be doing mostly boring things, like sitting in front of the PC. (IOW, this is not a party cam!) I also may sometimes just turn the camera off for a while. If the camera is off, the 'Camera Status' at the top of this page will say 'off'. (makes sense, oui?)
If you run into problems with one of the viewing options, e-mail me and let me know. As you can see, I am offering multiple viewing options so you can choose the one that is best for you.

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Still images taken with this cam.
My Cam
This camera rules.