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Web Site Awards

Four Home Run Day Award
Four Home Run Day Award - recieved August 04, 1998
I am pleased to inform that your site, "Pro-Woman, Pro-Life, Stop Abortion" has won the Adam Graham Internet Column, "Four Home Run Day Award". Four Home Runs in a day is the pinnacle of offensive accomplishment in Baseball for a day, and your site is the pinnacle of accomplishment in good, informative web design in a day. Your links provide information on pro-lifers of every stripe, and is a great resource for pro-lifers on how to convince those who oppose, generally liberals, and liberterians.

Badger's Pick of the Day The Badger Award - Pick of the Day for June 21, 1998
The honor of being chosen as Badger's Pick of the Day is based on the following criteria. Creative art work, fast loading pages, good content, creative site theme, and innovative technology.
This was awarded to my Pet Peeve Page!

Prolife Award Pro-Life Award - received June 08, 1998
This was awarded to my abortion section
"I am so delighted to have discovered your site and would like to offer it an award. Our site offers a "Pro-Life Award" and we feel that your site more than deserves it!"
Thanks Jennifer!

Marvin the Martian Award!Marvin the Martian Award - received June 01, 1998

Kidz are
People Too AwardThe Kidz are People too Award - received May 27, 1998
This was awarded to my pro-life page

Site of the DayConservative Site of the day - received May 22, 1998

The "OH MY, WHAT A GREAT WEBSITE" award - received April 4, 1998

Gee Award The Gee! Award - received March 06, 1998
"I'm happy to present you with the Gee! Award for your excellent website!"

First Place Net Resources Site of The Week Award - received March 1, 1998
Award Your Site!!!!

Ultimate Wizards Award Ultimate Wizards Truly One Of The Best Web Sites Excellence Award - received February 26, 1998
"CONGRATULATIONS Carolyn !!! Carolyn's Little World is a WINNER !!! After reviewing your site, the Ultimate Wizard would like to honor you with the "Ultimate Wizards Truly One Of The Best Web Sites Excellence Award". VERY nice web site !!!.. I book marked it so I can come back later to read the rest of your pet peeves... For not having "much time" to work on your web site it looked GREAT !! Again, Congratulations on all the hard work and dedication you have done on your web site !!!

Homet Page of the Day Homepage Design of the Day for February 11, 1998
"The success of my Graphic Site of the Day and Border Background Set of the Day pages has led me through some of the most wonderful homepages on the web that are not related to graphics. The short story is that I will be featuring one homepage each day on a new page, Homepage Design of the Day. I am pleased to announce that your homepage will be featured on February 11, 1998"

Conservative Site of the Week Site of the Week award from the Conservative Connection - received February 10, 1998
"Congrats!! Because of your sites content and conservative ideals I am pround to award you with the first Site of the Week award from the Conservative Connection. Enjoy!

Mdaille d'Or for Web Site Excellence - received February 06, 1998
"Carolyn Gargaro is based in New Jersey and her site is subtitled "the home of a conservative female". The content ranges far and wide, but the site manages to keep a grip on the visitor through stylish design and careful organisation."

Hot Dog 5
Star Hot Dog 5 Star Award - received January 28, 1998
"Great site Carolyn. You've won the 5 star site award! Happy webbing."

Di's Best
Award Diana's Best Award for Content and Beauty - received January 23, 1998
Awarded to my Diana page
"Your site is wonderful. Therefore, it is my great pleasure to offer you Diana's Best Award for content and beauty!"

Site Genuine AZTECH Cool Site - received January 23, 1998
"Congratulations!!!!! Your site has won the "Genuine AZTECH Cool Site" Award. You'll be happy to know that not just anyone can win this award. There has to be something special about your site to qualify."

Ultimate Links and Sites Gold Award - Received January 21, 1998
"The 'Gold' Award recognizes exceptional design and content."

Hot List
Winner Hot List Award - Received January 20, 1998
This was awarded to my Diana ribbon campaign page
"I have created a "Hot List" which highlights the best designed (graphically and creatively) as well as informative web sites on the net. I have selected your site as one of those sites that stand out on the web."

Award Recommended by Recondite - Received January 07, 1998
"Congratulations on a page well done. You definitely deserve this award!"

Do it Right - Make it Bite! Award - Received January 05, 1998
"This award fits your site, because it's well organized and packs a punch!"

Award The Diamond Award - Received December 16, 1997
As Jusein states, "This award is very hard to get and very few will receive it." The award is for personal pages only, and your page must meet all the requirements. Thanks Jusein!!

The "Anti" Award for Conservative Excellence - received November 24, 1997
"I decided that so many conservatives take the time to maintain a vigilence over not only the Clinton administration...but over our government in general. And so I hope to recognize those that keep the light of liberty burning for all to see."

The Creepy Award - received November 9, 1997
"The Creepy Award is which was my way of giving credit to those people who go the extra mile when it comes to putting together a web page. So, this month's award goes to "Carolyn's Little World", a very entertaining place to visit. By what I've seen, a lot of hard work went into this page, and a lot of votes were sent in as well So, it's with great pleasure I give this award, which was long overdue."

Conservative Achievement AwardConservative Achievement Award - received October 15, 1997 - Awarded to my Political Page
"This award commemorates the expression of Conservative ideals. As our society embraces collectivist governance and moral relativism it is important that we continue to reward those who promote individual responsibility and the protection of freedom. This award will grow to symbolize quality as it will appear only on the best technically and philosophically sound web sites. The sites that bear this award are commended for continuing the promotion of Conservative ideals."

All American Conservative Site Award - received August 24, 1997
The was awarded to my Paula Jones Page.
"Your site was selected because of your high devotion to excellence. If you look over the Hall of Fame you'll see that only quality sites have been awarded. This is an authentic award, only 52 are given in a calendar year."


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